810119-001 , 810119-003, 816027-002, 816032-000, 816366-041 Armstrong Seal Bearing Assemblies

Did you hear !!!!!!!!!!!  We are having brand new changes to all of our Armstrong Fluid Technology SBA  Seal Bearing Assemblies.  Call us today because we will update your pricing on all of our Armstrong Products bringing our customers more savings.   Have a larger Armstrong pump that needs some attention then don’t hesitate to contact us.  We carry all Armstrong seal bearing assemblies in stock  part numbers we carry at all times are 810119-001 , 810119-003, 816027-002, 816032-000, and 816366-041. We will come and inspect and get you up and running.

Armstrong Seal Bearing Assemblies are all in stock and maintenance kits are also available.  Want to use the Armstrong maintenance free seal bearing assemblies  come in today and we can talk to you about these also. Armstrong maintenance free part numbers we have in stock are the same as above 810119-001 , 810119-003, 816027-002, 816032-000 , and 816366-041 just add MF when ordering.

Reference List :

#2 Armstrong SBA   810119-001 fits pump models S-25, S-25AB

#3 Armstrong SBA  810119-003 fits pump models S34, S34AB, S-35, S-35AB, H-32, H-32AB.

#4 Armstrong SBA    816027-002 fits pumps models S-45, S-45AB, S-46, S46AB, H-41, H-41AB

#5 Armstrong SBA    816032-000 fits pump models H-51, H-52, H-53, H-54, S-55, S-57

#6 Armstrong 816366-041 fits pump models S69, H63 , 1060 , H64 , H65 , H66 , H67 , H68


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