442HP Flender ATB Electric Motor

Rewound Flender ATB Electric Motor, complete rebuild. Motor was initially checked on site at customers facility. Motor failed all electrical test as the bearings failed which caused the rotor to rub and damage the motor windings. The motor was then rewound , new bearings installed as well as machine one drive end housing. After completion […]

500 kVA 4160Volt Transformers

Here is a recent project that we completed. The scope of work was to take on two of these 509 kVA transformers and completely overhaul , test prior to overhaul process and test post overhaul process. Keep checking back for more interesting projects !!!!!

Armstrong Pool Pump at City of Brampton Pool

Heres a recent project completed at a city of brampton community center. Our staff went in and removed this armstrong 15HP pool pump. The pump had no name plates or identification. We sat through catalogues to identify the proper impeller and adapted plate that needed to be replaced. We were able to get the new […]

Commercial Swimming Pool Pump

Here is a look at a recent project that was completed.   This swimming pool pump was completely redone by us top to bottom.   The project consisted of removing this pump,  bringing it back to our shop and starting the process of getting our customer up and running.   The electric motor was rewound and new bearings […]

Teco Westinghouse Electric Motors

2015 has been a great year here at RTA Electric Motor Corp, we became a direct distributor for TECO Westinghouse Electric Motors.    A brief history on Teco Westinghouse is that they have been a leader in the electric motor business for over 100 years.   No matter what your field is or what your application is […]

Laser Alignment Specialist

75 Horsepower Electric Motor Installed On Taco Rebuilt Pump by RTA Electric Motor Repair Today was a fun day, RTA Electric Motor Repair went on site to install a 75 Horsepower Electric Motor on a Taco Rebuilt Pump.    This is one of our specialties, when our customers are broken down we offer quick turn around.  […]

Electric Motor Repair

Have you ever wondered what happens when an electric motor fails ? Look no further- RTA Electric Motor Repair can answer all of your motor repair questions. RTA Electric Motor Repair has been in business since 1973 specializing in the art of electric motor repair. RTA Electric Motors inspects all your electric motors by testing […]