Teco Westinghouse Electric Motors

2015 has been a great year here at RTA Electric Motor Corp, we became a direct distributor for TECO Westinghouse Electric Motors.    A brief history on Teco Westinghouse is that they have been a leader in the electric motor business for over 100 years.   No matter what your field is or what your application is Teco Westinghouse has the electric motor for you.  Main Offices being in Edmonton,  Teco Westinghouse Electric Motors serves many different industries.  A few industries Teco Westinghouse serves is the HVAC industry, compressors, pumps, marine, pulp, paper, petrochemical, and many more.  Teco Westinghouse Electric Motors products are used to drive all sorts of equipment and it is because of this that Teco Westinghouse is one of the well known motor brands for over 100 of years.

Since Febuary 2015  RTA Electric Motor Corp was proud to announce that we have became a direct distributor for this brand of motors.   Teco specializes in  Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Electric Motors (TEFC) ,  Open Drip Proof Electric Motors (ODP) , Explosion Proof Electric Motors (TEXP) , as well as severe duty electric motors and many more.  No Matter how big or small call us today and we can offer you teco westinghouse electric motors at a competitive price.   Why shop for an electric motor anywhere else.

Call RTA Electric Motor Corp Today to enquire or purchase a Teco Westinghouse Electric Motor.  We will give you the best competitive price and get you up and running to reduce your down time.  Do you have a Teco Motor and would like a quote on getting the motor you currently have rebuilt.  Well, here at RTA Electric Motors we can take care of that also.  We always look to give our customers the best available option when it comes to Teco Westinghouse Electric Motor sales and service.


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