Carrier / Reefer Motors

At RTA Electric Motor Corporation we specialize in the rewinding and repair of all types of Carrier , Markon, Transicold, APU Generators.

* Carrier (Vector) Transicold Permanent Magnet A.C. Generator, 54-00630-02, 1800RPM 460VAC

* Carrier (Vector), Markon Sawafuji BL105 Generator Repair BL105, BL105E, SL105, TL105G , 4.0kVA, 5.0kVA, 6.0kVA

* Carrier PC6021, PC6022, PC6023, PC6024, PC6024 APU Generator Rebuild.   Generator Number 30-376-02K, 30-276-02K

Our services covers:

• Testing of Stator Cut & Burning
• Rewinding
• New Leads
• Dip and Bake
• Epoxy Coating of the Windings
• & includes Test Report. (23kVA Epoxy Models Only)