Drives which are also refered as variable frequency drives (VFD’s) or variable speed drives (VSD’s) provide motors with speed control. RTA Electric can help you choose the right drive for your application.

Note : A VSD can includes A/C Drives and D/C Drives, The term VFD are used when only refering to A/C Drives.

Drive Enclosure :

✱ IP20 Enclosure– Best used when placed inside a cabinet or in safer work areas.

✱ NEMA 1 Enclosure– NEMA 1 enclosures are a cost-effective solution, Being enclosed the drive is protected against debris or hazardous materials.

✱ NEMA 12 Enclosure– Offering protection from dust, oil, and water, these enclosures are commonly used in material handling and manufacturing applications.

✱ NEMA 4 / NEMA 4X Enclosure – NEMA enclosure which gives advanced protection from water, dirt, and high-pressure liquids. Can be used indoors or outdoors.